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When: Half hour from calving

How much :

  • First suckling 4 kg half hour from calving
  • Second suckling 2 kg six hour from calving

In conclusion:

Total colostrums intake in first six hours is 6 kg at temperature 39 ºC

How much :

  • First week 12-13 % of body weight
  • Second week to weaning 15-17 % of body weight

Starter feeding :

  • Starting from the third day from calving
  • 1st week: handful daily
  • 2nd week: gradually increase the amount at several frequency
  • Starter should be fed in a separate suitable pail


Should be offered from the third day from calving in a separate pail at several time daily


When the starter consumption reach 2 kg daily, gradually decrease the amount of milk fed through 3 weeks and continue on starter